Global Sounds Recording Studio

Don't let a good deal go!

  • Hourly rates:
    $45 an hour
    $90 for 2 hours
    $135 for 3 hours
    $180 for 4 hours
  • Projects
    Promotion Package - 2 songs, master copy of tracks, and finished single. Great deal! - $350.00
    EP Package - 4 songs, master copy of tracks, and finished product. - $700.00
    Full Album - 10 songs, master copy of tracks, and finished product - $2500.00
  • Tracks
    Look! - Any of our professionally made tracks in our vast library. - $500.00
  • Background Vocals
    Do you need instrument players and back ground singers for your music project? Do you have a song that requires rap lyrics? We work with for-hire artists that will gladly work with you. For-hire artist prices are negotiable. They will audition for you to ensure that you are satisfied.
GSR is just now establishing an intrnet presence and is planning to expand our services as time goes on. Be sure to check this website for more details and add ons. Set up an appintment today by calling 252-636-0963. or just fill out the contact form below. We will respond within 24 hours.

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